Thursday, February 16, 2012

Worth a READ and my own EDITORIAL

My own 7 cents.  [yes it is ALWAYS 7 with me, because it's as high as I can count and it's a lot!]

How about this. Less gum flapping and less PR wars, more action. Start by actually closing down puppy mills and legislating them out of business. The ONLY message worth sharing is RESCUE. Every life is precious.  Westminster, Pedigree... who ever... stop the hypocrisy. Stop manipulating, vying for attention.  We all know you are into the money. But you could still follow the money and actually make lots of it and effectuate social change. [I love my fat word dictionary, don't you?] Back to the issue.... If  Westminster  was truly interested in quality breeding, they could actually initiate a MASTER BREEDER program.  Set standards for breeding practices, set educational requirements [genetics, nutrition, training, handling...] standards, practice requirements and actually hold people to a professional, measurable, objective qualification process. MASTER BREEDERS would insure the best breeding practices because backyard breeders, puppy millers could not qualify.
People would seek Master Breeders. SEPARATE THE BREEDERS FROM THE GREEDERS.

If Westminster had a bit of vision they could actually see the $$ potential along with the social good that would come from this. Dog food companies could actually focus on not killing dogs with their formulated caca. Maybe some of that PR money could go into nutritional development. Just maybe they could develop safe dog foods.It would be mush easier to sell a GOOD, SAFE product.

And...Rescue should never be used as a PR ploy. Shame on you. we are talking lives, and you are talking dirty paper... Where is your conscience?

If moi, a little five year old Bichon can come up with an idea like this....why can't you?  And Westminster, don't try and dazzle me. You are no better than dog food companies. As the old adage says....You are part of the problem, NOT part of the solution.

Nuffing like a good sermon first thing in the morning to get the cardiac system going.  Now, where is my lamb chop and yogurt and zucchini? I am really in the mood for pasta, but stingy says no because she think I should lose a lb. Stingy wants the world to lose a pound. You know what they say about converts, right?



Tucker The Crestie said...

As always, 'Vie, you are right on target. Are you sure you don't want to run for President? We would vote for you!

silvieon4 said...

just think of the unemployment wave I would create...all those dog manufacturers and lobbyists looking for work...