Sunday, February 12, 2012

Momma, please explain


Tell me why daddy had to go to ACK run. I am all ears, I am listening. He must be coming back because he left his shoes here.
But why did he have to go? I miss him already.
I don't get two leggeds. I would never want to be away from my pack. This JOB person is really out of control. Can't you have a talk with JOB and explain that we need the daddy home? I love you and everything, but I also need the dad.  The Wendy won't even leave the bed momma. I think she is depressed. JD just acts like a little soldier, but he is missing the dad too. You too momma?
I suppose we have to stick together. And who invited snow? IIIIICK. I vote we all go back to bed.

life just gets in the way. We love you daddy, please be safe and come home.

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