Monday, February 6, 2012

A gift for MOI?????

Soooo, Judge daddy came home! I know, wayy cool. But even cooler, get this. He said that my brother Adam sent me a "little something". So I ran downstairs to see my little something. I was hoping for a new stuffie. He knows I love stuffies. Specially the kind that you can unstuff.

I looked around on the steps.... nothing.  I looked in the toy box....nothing... and just about when I was ready to give up and ask about my giftie, voila` I saw this: OMD!  That is a stuffie? For realsie? That is a stuffie??? Ok, that is the biggest stuffy I have ever seen!!!! It looks like Red Butt!!!!!!!  What do you mean it's not Red Butt? What is it called?
Sock Monkey.

Ehmmm.... If the sox are that big, I don't want to meet the dude who donated the sox to make this stuffie.

I am just going to study this stuffie from afar for a bit, if you don't mind. Momma, come on, no lectures.  I am not a destructive little thing. I just like to play. Yes, of course, I will thank Adam personally. I love my Adam. I do. I always feel loved and safe and warm and fuzzy when he holds me. My Adam and I are. I don't have to say any more. WE ARE. He knows I love him the most I could love my Adam.. Just like I love Dowi the most  I could love my Dowi. Figure it out momma, I am too telling the truth and I do not know what a convenient diplomat is.

Wow. He really is big.  Is he safe?  I mean ...he does not bite or anything right?

I am just going to sniff him.

Yes, I am being gentle!!!!  He is touching me. Look!!!

Adam, he smells like you!!!! Be still my little heart, be still....

Look, you are MINE, we have to get this relationship off on the right paw. I like dive bombing on my favorite toys....

Ohhh, don't be scawed.  [He is a big baby you know....] I was checking out his butt.... which is NOT RED. I will remove that tag... later.  I love de tagging....


Kisses, kisses...

Thank you Adam, I love you. I love Sock Monkey. He smells like you!!!  But I would trade him for you in a blink. Momma wants me to promise I won't destuff him. Boy she is a kill joy, Right?

Thank you, I love having a big brother.

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Kolchak Puggle said...

Felix is so incredibly jealous he can barely contain the look of longing in his beady little bichon eyes. He loves a giant toy. Perhaps the Mama will have to get him a giant sock monkey for his Gotcha Day next week.