Monday, February 20, 2012

What's rain got to do with it?

First the momma said "Yeea the rain is gone!. Let's have breakfast and then let's go for a walk."

We were all very excited. We love going for a walk!

We ate breakfast and even pre-washed  our dishes by licking them up very well so that the only thing left behind was the design.

Then we cooperated and allowed the harnesses to go on quickly, so we could go for a WALK as she promised.

Then the momma opened the garage door, took two steps out and came back in with a new plan and a a bizillion of 7 excuses.
1.Everything is wet [duh it rained all night]
2. there is mud everywhere. [duhh it rained all night]
3. there are  live crawly things all over. [duhhh it rained all night]
4. there are huge puddles everywhere.  [duhhhh it rained all night]
5. we risk getting splashed by any car driving by.  [duhhhhh it rained all night]
6. There are lots of branches and stuff down.  [duhhhhhh it rained all night]
7. There is no way we could stay clean after a walk in that mess.  [duhhhhhhh it rained all night]

DUH!  Do you think so? When did staying clean become part of the package?
So then she said, "How about a ride?" 

Only JD was thrilled with that idea. I vigorously expressed my disappointment by heading into the house. The Wendy just squealed and whined.

After a few minutes, the momma got an idea ["AN" as in one... idea... shocking it did not die of loneliness before she expressed it]

She pulled out the old buggy and offered us a buggy ride.  We get to stay clean, but be outdoors and we get to sniff out the post rain smells,  and she gets to negotiate puddles, mud etc. You do realize, she did NOT think it through, right?  But hey, I am all for watching momma get soaked and muddy and wet.

I do draw the line at cleaning her up. She better be ready to do that on her own.  With that provision in place, we all piled into the buggy.  She is now putting on her boots, and her hat, and her coat.... how many more things does she need to put on before we actually go?????

Two leggeds... they are just so weird.

'vie and the gang, bound for a buggy ride post rain.


Tucker The Crestie said...

Aww, we think a buggy ride is a fab idea, 'Vie! First of all, you guys look adorable in your buggy. Second of all ... did you REALLY want to get those snow-white princess paws dirty and wet?

rocky-dog said...

hmm, my mama also had a timing problem -- she gave me a bath yesterday and of course, it rained here over night too -- Earth to Mama, it's winter -- it rains here in the WINTER!!

but I got to go for my morning walkie anyway. however mama restricted me COMPLETELY where I could walk -- we don't have a buggy or anything.

So I guess I'm still relatively clean, for now . . .

Two French Bulldogs said...

What an adorable picture
Benny & Lily