Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Congrats to MALACHY!

Westminster Best In Show 2012: Malachy.

And can I say this? It looks to me as if Malachy gets a whole lot of brushing! On that alone, he deserved to win. Now, let's hope that puppy millers don't go on a Peke breeding spree. Yes, of course we watched. I even got my belly rubbed while I watched. What do you suppose Malachy got by way of a treat post show? What would you demand for putting up with all that?

Moi? I suppose I would demand a long long walk by the beach and foam from a freshly made 'pucino, and a belly rub, and a new stuffie with a squeaker, and a chewie, no 7 chewies, and a buggy ride at Town Center, and prosciutto, and some of that cheese... morbier, hold the apple, and a new puzzle, and a long walk to the horses, and a visit at Williamsburg, and a taste of scream [I think they call it that because momma screams "nooo" every time daddy wants to let us have a lick], actually I would like my own cone with just a bit of scream in it, and one of those big bones with the tasty hole in the middle, and a daddy ride, and I would like my whole family at home with one of those giant chickens named after a country, and a three way blitz followed by a nap in Dowi's hair, and a visit at my fav pet store, so everyone could see me, and some fresh duck poop to roll in, and a bag of liver slivers, and a new tug toy, and a stack of get out of bath cards, and one of get out of vet visit cards, and a new Spock doll, and my own V pillow so that momma stops whining about my sharing hers, and my own personal human carrier for Bark in the Park, so my toes never have to touch grass, and one of those snack machines that gives snacks every time you push the lever, and a huge bag of turkey jerky, and one of those fat huge samniches that Uncle Phil gets, but does not share, and a bag of the same candy stuff I to appropriate from daddy's car, and my own box of tissues to tear up, and one of those smoked tea ducks that hangs at the Asian Mart, and one of those needy girls who want to pet you until your fur comes off, but I want her with an off button, so I can control that needy factor, at my will, I would ask for a large bag of that dirty paper you call money to give to auntie Robin for my peeps at TBFR, and I would ask for forever families for all TBFR residents, and oh yes.... I would demand all my local politicos to meet at a puppy mill, force them to see every misery there and demand an instant shut down, and ...a long long nap on momma's lap while we are in a car with daddy, on our way to somewhere fab...and I am tired now, I think I need a nap now.

But I am not done with my list.



Tucker The Crestie said...

Wow, 'Vie, that is a LONG list! But we think you deserve every bit of it!

silvieon4 said...

what can I say... I am high maintenance...