Friday, May 30, 2008

SJP who?

Soooo, the movie is finally out and droves of On2s are going to see SJP and her crew parade what passes as "fashion". Well, trust me I know fashion! I routinely have to remove the mama's horrid scruncii from her hair. The woman just does not get it. You know what I mean?

Now, I DO get it. Check out my new awsome FASHIONISTA statement. It is my new collar! It is a Skully design from Mrs Bones. Truly it brings out the inner punkette in me and... I rock it! I am lobbying for a pink velvet leash next. My peeps like it. It is a welcome departure from the Coach collar in this weather.

This Mrs. Bones... sounds delicious. What or who is she? 2 or 4 legs? I do want to meet her. The mama said I could go with her next time, so I am hoping that happens soon. Hey, think the movie will be out on Netflix soon?

You can get a fashionable collar, too, if you visit But don't get the same one, because if we show up in the park together wearing the same collar, it will be so embarassing. Especially for you, since I will look better in it.

Rock the Casbah,



Anonymous said...

Dear SILVIEon4, I love your blog! Now tell your mom to buy you some more toys!!! Vickie (your pupster friend from the Bash)

silvieon4 said...

thank you, hi Vickie!