Saturday, May 24, 2008


I am Silvie on four. I am THE Silvie. The other Silvie in my universe is known as Silvie on 2. While I am 100% Bichon, the other is not. So we are easy to tell apart. JD and Wendy are the other Bichons in my house. They were both here when I got here, and they really showed me the ropes. I'm the one who gets JD to play (he's kind of stuffy and aloof otherwise) and I'm the one that gets Wendy to stop being so scared. We do some serious blitzing. Yeah, I am pretty great at Bichon Blitzes. I can outspeed, out maneuver and outlast any other Bichon at blitzing, "cause let's face it I am OUTstanding!
So, I thought I should start this blog because some times I need to vent about my human staff. They make me crazy. After all, I figure other Bichons like me must have the same problems and maybe we can find solutions.

livin' the dream,

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