Saturday, May 31, 2008


I waited and waited and waited for your votes so I would know which toy would be mine to chew on. Really, I hoped and hoped that you would pick my favorite thing... and YOU DID!!!!! Obviously you are getting to know me. Mhh getting to know me, getting to know you... getting to hope you like me... that would make a great song!
Anyway, even the mama could not argue with the democratic process at work. Well... we did have to exclude all votes from FL and from Michigan as you voters did not abide by party rules...but in the end... the tissue box is your toy of choice! Yeaaaa!!!!!! Well America feast your eyes on my windfall: a two box deal. LOOOOOOVE THE CORNERS!
So what's in your house??? Ehmm any tissue boxes around? Any thing I can help you with? I mean, does that box of tissue really match your decor? I am just thinking of you! Just trying to help you move on... you know, holding on to old tissue boxes stops your growth into the next level of decorating. Like my friend Hope says:
"Nothing helps on2s redecorate like a Bichon who can speed up the process of wear and tear" {Tee hee}

Power to DA people

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