Monday, May 26, 2008

BUNNY frufru

Bunny Fru Fru Review:

Rating **** [4] stars out of 5

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Someone told Silvieon2 (aka the mama) to get me more toys! I got more toys! I got a new Bunny Fru Fru and it has a squeaker in its tail and long pretty chewable ears. Too bad it came with a dumb song about little Bunny Fru Fru and some forest, but away from the humans there is no weird song. The humans keep wanting to play with Bunny because it has a stretchy body, but I find the face and tail delicious to chew on. You know what... I like it a lot. I like better that the toss ring that makes the same noise as the Happy Hips bags. I also like it better than the rubber chewy thing that looks like a key. I am sleepy. I played hard today, I was in the pool, I walked with daddy, and really keeping the staff busy makes me tired. I think I will let one of the staff hold me while I nap.

Night night ya'll

PS what is lapin cassoulet? Mama says she will make it with Bunny Fru Fru if she finds it outside the toy box. Should I be scared or happy???? Oh well time to get my snuggles on.

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