Saturday, November 2, 2013

????? WHAT is GOING on???? What would you do?

This gianormous tray of turkey jerky suddenly appeared on my kitchen floor.
You bet I did a double take, and a triple take and quadruple take and corresponding sniffs!
That's moi trying to absolutely make sure that it is what it appears to be... a mountain of turkey jerky.
But, but, but, but......... whyyyyyyy is it here????

It this some sort of trap?

OMD, I am thinking about it so hard that my little head hurts. Seriously this will take all the curls out of me!

What on earth is going on?  I mean seriously, never in my whole life did a mountain of turkey jerky appear in front of me. Is this some sort of trick?  Psychological experiment?
I put nothing past momma.  
But what's the angle????
Did she put this down?  Did she snap?
Should we be guarding this or eating it?

I have no idea what to do!  I mean I know what I want to do... but, but....

The Wendy is staring at it from under the table. She is confused too...

Her "walkby" sniff confirms it.  FRESH turkey jerky. But why is it on the floor???
JD is called in for a consult.  He concurs.  Fresh Turkey Jerky.
No traces of medications, or weird anything on it.
So..... the unanswered question remains...  WHY IS IT HERE?

And of course... what should we do about it???

We concur. We are simply going to sit here and stare at it.  Show the two leggeds we have self control and then maybe we will get "rewarded" for our discipline. 

Just waiting...  I got all day.  No problem....

Wendy wants you all to see how "well behaved" we are....

The drooling Wendy and cool JD


Kolchak Puggle said...

ROTFLMAO...really Vie?! GRAB AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND RUN! Head for the hills! Hide some for later! *shakes head* That tray of jerky on the floor is wasted on you guys.

silvieon4 said...

you know...we have trust issues...I just out of the blue... I dared JD He said he would never trust something so strange. but you know if it happens again I'm going for it. if momma thinks that the next time we're going to be timid she better rethink it

Marshmallow said...

I don't know, I think you were right to be suspicious. It's just too strange. A big pan of turkey jerky on the floor? There must be hidden cameras or something. Would John Quinones pop out if you took a piece like on his show?