Saturday, November 30, 2013

Alas dear Herbert, aka big chicken named after a country

We soaked brined you... whatever.
And they say I am high maintenance. Riiiiigth.

We rubbed you. I like massages too.

We baked you! You looked tanned! I must say, this is something I would never want for myself. I rock the pale look.

We killed some time while you took your time in the oven. And you took a long long time!

Wait.... I am smelling something....

Some dogs are just lazy.... [Wendy just left it all up to me....] I am on sniffing duty.

Heyyyyy somebody check on Herbert.  I think it smells ready!


He calls it!   Look at at hat steam! It's Official!  It is DONE!

Yea, yea appetize me  while the Big Chicken named after a country sits...  But I am ready for it to be carved.

No, no pictures please.  It is a family pact. Confidentiality agreements have been signed. No pictures, movies or other evidence is allowed. Belts are off, pants are loose, cuffs are up, napkins are flying and gravy is flowing...Chins are dripping and  there is silence punctuated by the sound of forks and knives...
I waited all year for this.

You do get to see POST dinner  food coma.

It is what it is... Belly up, chilling out. All is right with the world for now.
Somebody pack my leftovers? I do get leftovers, right?  Uncle Phil, I want leftovers.  I will trade you my cranberry sauce for an extra piece of turkey.

Next year we need to make this a bigger bird. 28 lbs is just about enough, but it could stand to be a bit bigger.  Momma, don't worry, Adam can lift it!!!!!

Hey can you make me a samnich?


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Kolchak Puggle said...

Those pictures of you with your nose in the air smelling are ABSOLUTELY precious. You are ADORABLE.