Sunday, November 17, 2013

Not MY fault's not my's your fault daddy.Why would you leave me in the car bored with nothing to do?

Of course I found your stash.  Please stop whining about my bite marks I'm your plastic box. I never got any of that candy and I think making the candy not reachable was very rude.

Now look, if momma finds out about this, we are both going to be in trouble, you are going to be in for more trouble than I am.I'm cute and cute goes very far. You can't pull off cute daddy, trust me on this .  For your sake, let's not discuss this with momma. Let's both forget this unfortunate episode, for your sake. I'm just not in the mood to hear words like irresponsible and unfit.

And please stop giving me the face. it is not the end of the world. Get over it , it's you that has the candy addiction not me.

If anything I am the unintended victim of your addiction...nuff said.


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