Friday, November 1, 2013

Helloween is OVAH!

And now that Helloween is ovah... Yuh I misspelled it on purpose...It reflects how I feel about it. I am finally able to relax! I did not have a good time.  JD is the only one who loves Helloween.
[He is a freak]

We survived the slew of little two leggeds enrobed in odd plastics and rags, with their faces all colored up.
You know what daddy had to do to make them go away?  He had to give them CANDY! For real.
Imagine that!  The little blackmailers disturbed OUR peace, come to OUR door, rang OUR bell... like they never heard of the word trespass! And to make them leave daddy had to pony up candy.  And I kept hearing the same demand from them... "trick or treat"... What the.... hey...???? And daddy gave in, each time. Now kewl man, not kewl.  I finally went upstairs and chilled with momma because I could not bear witness to the "ritual".

But... it did give me an idea.  What if we start something similar... Momma you can buggy us over from house to house,  [I am not walking on some icky lawn... you know they spray and... it is a toilet... so noooo...] you ring the doorbell, we start barking up a storm until they pony up some chewies!

We can call it....Woof and treat night. Mhh It's a working title!  Let me know if you come up with something better.

Anyhow. we get 364 days of peace, maybe by next helloween we can get daddy some assertiveness training and he can say NO to the little blackmailers.


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Marshmallow said...

I love your idea. We had the same invasion at our house. The little beggars would knock & expect treats. We were giving them our most blood curdling barks, but they wouldn't go away. The nerve!