Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Honk What to do when your hooman fails to take you with him.

Picture this scene.  Early evening, the parking lot at a pet store. Only three or four cars that are parked.
Daddy had promised us a pet store visit so, we were getting out of the car to go into the buggy.

We hear HONK.
Bark bark bark....
Bark  bark bark

so momma starts looking around.

And  this is what she saw:

A very handsome Beagle. A very upset Beagle. Clearly annoyed at the fact that he had been left in the car.
A very intelligent Beagle. One who knew how to get his owner's attention.

So momma went looking for his owner who was checking out and paying for dog food..[ick a bag..
we all know how I feel about that.   HOME COOK people!]

The "honking was going on...and on..." The owner said, "Yes, it is on purpose, he knows how to get my attention. And PS he is my girl friend's dog, my dog is too smart to do that.
 [really???? this is a sign of dumb? What does your do do, Text you?]
And, he is anxious because we are going to the vet next door...."

Ok, in my book, this Beagle is super smart, and cute and I am going to try the honking thing first chance I get.


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