Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tricked out APPLES --Tasty Tuesday!

Tricked out apple treats

You have to allow the little woman, aka da mamma to amuse herself.
She has a new toy. Big box that hums.  She calls it a DEHYDRATOR I call it a delish maker.
It  has been smelling up the place with all sorts of new treats. Some are hits, Some are misses. [I am NEVAH evah going to eat squash chips. ick. But the turkey jerky and the lamb jerky, Oh my woof... 2die4]

But you have to hand it to the old gal, sometimes momma is clever.

Apple chips?  Boooring, right? But it is what she did to the apple slices that make these apple chips addictively delicious.

As KS, [kitchen supervisor] it is my job to observe and as KS I am hereby reporting.

So, she sliced a bunch of apples, red one. She used the robot coupe because she is toy obsessed, by you can use a knife or a food processor.  She said the slices have to be "even"  I guess that means you have to cut 6, 8, 10, but not 11 or 13? No?  Ahh it just means they all have to be the same size. Ok... But that makes no sense to me. Apples are round, not squares. They can't all be the same size. Ohhhh Same thickness, Got it.  JD speaks hooman better than I do.

Once the apples were sliced, the magic happened. Momma took out some lamb stock and she soaked the apples in it. {We have to use lamb because JD is seriously "lergic to death" to chicken- you can use chicken or beef stock} She left them "soaking for about a half hour. Then she drained them and placed them in the dehydrator. [http://www.silvieon4.com/2013/03/tasty-tuesday-lamb-aspic.html this is how she made the stock]

Ok, so I might have been a wee bit obsessed with the smell because I parked my tushy under that humming thing until I got a taste. Deeeeelishhh.
They are tricked out apples. I am down with this!

Go try it. And send me some for inspection.  I am still the KS and and JD is a QCI [quality control inspector],  and you need to send some to Wendy too, she is not chopped liver you know! So send us some.

'vie KS [Kitchen Supervisor]
JD QCI [Quality Control Inspector]


Flea said...
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My GBGV Life said...

Interesting idea, I guess we could do them in the oven too since we don't have a dehydrator. I bet I would love them!

silvieon4 said...

I am a kluts, I accidentally deleted a comment. I mean to post this response:

Equipment must be used. Bring in from the garage and make some treats!


silvieon4 said...

Yes you could dry the apples in a very low oven, say 200 degrees, overnight. It concentrates the flavors and the furballs love it.

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

One of my favorite treat. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

The Lady said...

I might have to try this one in the oven! No more room in my kitchen for gadgets! LOL