Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hey Dowiiiiii someone stole your name. This is from Cute What’s the Story Dori? JUNE 26, 2013 by PYRIT

What’s the Story Dori?

What’s the long and short of it?
What’s the buzz (cut)? 

“Doriana got her summer trim this morning and thinks she deserves cookies for being good and cute! (This is the same Doriana from the Finding Dori pic I sent earlier this year – just without all the hair)” -Teresa
Hey Dowiii, someone stole your name. Now you know what it feels like.Rolling my eyes. ... momma stole my name... I think this Dori is very cute. Maybe you should write to her and invite her to come and spend a weekend with us. Us. Not you alone. After all, you do want her to know you have your very own family. (I don't want anyone laying claim to my Dori! She can be really lovable...except when she talks diet...) And it's so strange that this Dori shares even your middle name! But Dori, you are the only one who counts to me. Xoxoxo 'Vie

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