Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Momma you must believe me!

It was NOT me momma!  It was this awful, nasty, hissing thing.  You know... what do you call those long slithery things that hiss...ahmmmm.  Oh yes a SNAKE!  It was a red eyed, green skinned, yellow tailed with polka dots and stripes... and it had a huge rattling things and it was breathing fire, it was a SNAKE that plucked the package of vanilla scented sugar from the packing bin! I think it came from Kip and Fiona's house!

It was vile, and nasty, and momma I tried to stop it!  I risked my life to take down the vile thief!
That's how I ended up with the package in my mouth. For realsies!  I snatched it  bravely from the jaws of the beast!

You believe me momma, don't you?  It took so much courage on my part.
You should give me a reward or something. I could take a bit of cookie.



some people are just ungrateful.


Marshmallow said...

We believe you, Silvie! And we think it was incredibly brave of you to take on such a vicious beast. They give out medals for such courage and valor. You should at least get a cookie!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Wow!! We believe you for sure
Benny & Lily