Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RES ipsa.

That's right, world.  RES IPSA LOQUITUR.
The thing speak for itself.

On this day, I am submitting to the Court of Public Opinion, the following evidence:

Apparently, around here I have gained the unfair, unjust, untrue reputation of being a trouble maker.
My own exuberance for life has given people the impression that I am a renegade.  Quite the contrary. I am a wonderful, well adjusted, sweet Bichon. I do have issues when I feel under petted or ignored, but on the whole I am pretty wonderful.  [I say so and my opinion counts!]

Now, let's talk about JD.  He is the real agitator. He appears quiet. He acts all kewl. But, as these pictures show, he is the initiator.  See me quietly sitting on the couch?  I am watching Fashion Police. I am minding my own. You think I can focus on anything else when I am trying to guess someone from behind?

He is watching me watch my show and he is slowly encroaching on my space. 

Suddenly... he pounced on me. He did!  Look at this action shot. Where do you think he landed???

Self preservation dictated my jumping off the couch.  This Joan Ranger had to save herself!

Do you think that even slowed him down? Nooooooo Here he is nose shoving me. And there I am, the INNOCENT victim of his brutal play.

By the by... Not to point noses and all... But do you see the Wendy?  She just watches and says NOTHING. So much for girls should stick together.

In the face of the evidence I have just submitted, I ask that any reference to my "agitator" status be stricken from all records and that my recorded history be expunged [I do know where the Brillo pads are and i can show you]. I am to be known as what I am. "Sugar sweet and innocent Silvieon4".

Respectfully submitted


bichonpawz said...

We have the same problem. LadyBug is ALWAYS jumping on my head when I'm trying to relax.

What's a girl to do??

xo Chloe

Marshmallow said...

Silvie, we have the same problem in our house. I get pounced on when I'm trying to nap and somehow, I'm the troublemaker. Just because I like to get everyone all riled up and barking at the mailman--and then calmly go back and lie down--or save my chewy until after everyone else has eaten theirs, and then they have to watch me eat mine. Does that make me a troublemaker? I say, no.