Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: "the Phumph"

"Phumph" is the low grown whine, moan that tells the hoomans that you are out of patience and unhappy.
This is Wordless Wednesday not necessarily SILENT Wednesday.

So... here it goes. JD "phumphs" when his meal is even two seconds late.  Late is a subjective call. You understand that.  If the kitchen smells good, then his meal must be LATE. PHUMPH!

I phumph when I feel ignored. Really, I am overflowing with cuteness.  I out-Disney Disney and you dare to walk by me without so much as a coo, kiss, belly rub??? PHUMPH!

The Wendy. ANY stranger anywhere near the house is enough to cause Ms Wendy to PHUMPH!  Who cares if they happen to be doing yard work for momma. They need to be gone! PHUMPH!

What makes you PHUMPH!?


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