Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why does she always ask?

My momma has some strange fixation. She often looks at me and asks:
"What is going on in that pretty little head of yours? What are you thinking?"

Hm. First of all, momma, why are you asking?

Thoughts come and go. At any given moment I might be thinking of a good chewie
A belly rub
Why my left paw itches
 How to hide Peggy Piggy from JD
 Where I last saw my antler
 Why daddy is not here
 How to get more treats
 Why is ice is wet?
 Where does rain come from
What "flush Rush" means, since you say it a lot
Why we can't have a bash every week
 Why  the dishwasher gets all hot and bothered after it washes the dishes,
Why when we go for a walk you think we should not sniff every possible thing,
Why the little guinea pigs in the glass box never come out and play at the pet store and why they never recognize me even though I have visited them soooo many times,
Why you wear shoes that have mini stilts, or why wear shoes at all,
What's the point of nail polish?
What's the point of make up? I mean you put in on and you spend as much time taking it off as you do putting it on???
Are the ducks coming this year?
Why does my nose itch when I sniff some flowers?
What exactly does it mean when you say you would like to kick someone so hard that they would cough up shoe laces?
Would Spock look good with pierced ears?
And while on weird human "things" what's with that whole body graffiti thing? It looks strange.
And how does anyone who eats anchovies have the nerve to judge what I eat?
I would like to go visit the stock market and actually see what they sell.
Why can't we copy money on the machine so we can have more?
How come I have never seen the bird they talk about when they say "flipped the bird"?
What makes Dowi's hair so curly?
Where is nonna, anyway?
.......I have a zillion thoughts, momma, so stop asking.

Unless... you want to answer all my questions.


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Kolchak Puggle said...

Those are IMPORTANT thoughts. Very important. She really should take the time to help you answer them.