Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Behind the big glasses and under the big as a country white hat, is MY momma. Notice anything funny about this picture? Notice that the Bichon on her lap is NOT me, and it is not The Wendy... and it is NOT the JD.
Yes, we caught Ms. "Get off my lap because my legs are tired" scratching the back of some other Bichon. And, don't you dare condone that behavior. She is MY momma and I am entitled to be posessive and not put up with caca like this.  And to think I have given her unconditional love and loyalty. I mean, I have allowed room for The Wendy and JD, but, what is wrong with two leggeds??? Is it ever enough?
And the "tell" gives it away, she knows she is doing something wrong. Look, she is biting her lip. That is the tell for GUILTY! J'accuse momma!!!!

Shortly after that picture was taken I reclaimed her and made sure that at no time her lap was empty. A girl has to do what a girl has to do.  That's all I am going to say.

If you think sharing is so great, you go share your momma.  Leave mine alone.

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