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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The pipi dance

Mental Floss has compiled an interesting list of new slang words that they suggest should be adopted by all English speaking people. Hmm. Ok, some of those "new" words are interesting. But, honestly they are just words. The ultimate goal is communication, right?  So maybe we should add  other "communicative" expressions to the "lexicon" of every single two legged who is engaged in a relationship with a four legged like moi. Obviously we, four leggeds can't talk . [Not in human language anyway, and aren't you lucky... because some of us would, no, not me... aha....] Basically, my suggestions would shortcut many of the hit and miss routines  which are not always successful because... let's face it two leggeds don't necessarily always have their head in the game.

Let's start with a single expression. One that should be easy to master. One that is so very basic... The pipi dance. You have been there, I am sure. And I am sure you have experience untoId frustration.  How many times has a poor four legged engaged in the pipi dance only to be frustrated by the two legged who is NOT thinking...pipi ?  You know, it is hardly an "accident" if you did not pick up on my request,  and it is NOT my fault. So, why don't we "standardize" the pipi dance so that it is uniformly recognized? Without getting too fancy, maybe we could all agree that any side to side stepping done by any exit is to be uniformly recognized and accepted to be a pipi dance which is a reasonable request to be honored immediately and without delay. 100% of the time. Without the two legged feeling that they have to judge the validity of the request.  It's my bladder... I am the only judge that counts.  Agreed? I am being reasonable!

How about standardizing that one single gesture?  It is a simple request, it should be easy to master by "intelligent humans" who can come up with 19 new words with multiple meanings...

Who am I am kidding. Sometimes I think "non c'e` piu` sordo di chi non vuole sentire". Yes. Italian for "None is more deaf than the person who does not want to listen".   Hoooooomans.... Please, accept the validity of pipi dances everywhere at any time. Just DO IT.

who has to go now...


rocky-dog said...

um, did someone's pipi dance go unnoticed?? my life has been so much easier since the mama made John put in my very own private entrance to our house. We still occasionally have issues at work, but I understand that because most of the time, mama cannot hear anything because of the scene shop noise. It's just a very good think I have a bladder of iron (so to speak) -- Rocky

Tucker The Crestie said...

Makes sense to us, 'Vie!

silvieon4 said...

No, my pipi dances are hard to ignore. But I was listening to some weird conversation momma was having with our neighbor who blames her four legged for the accidents... I tell you... she does not listen. Momma told her.

silvieon4 said...

And we have an emergency pipi pad.

rocky-dog said...

Don't tell anyone I told you, but I think mama has her own pipi dance. I notice it mostly at work -- especially on days when mama has lots of renter people coming. Mama has to drink lots of water all day and we all know what that means . . . cha cha cha!

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