Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lost puppy NEEDS to go home, please look for him


In Lafayette Ill, we have a lost puppy. His name is Pal and he is a male Puggle.  Just 8 months old, 20 lbs.  

Pal is Tan w/ black face, neutered, friendly.  Missing 3/30/12. Call w/sightings immediately! Illinois County.

Guys, if you live in Lafayette Illinois, please please help. This baby needs his family and his family needs him.

Contact 309-525-2368 or 309-507-2137  email: mmock (at) geneseo (dot) net

Our pal Kol is a Puggle and  we love him, and some of us know what it is like to be lost and away from your family. Come on Lafayette people, do the right thing, go look, keep your eyes and ears open. Gets this baby home!!!

Kol, we are posting everywhere. Please share, repost, etc!


1 comment:

Kolchak Puggle said...

Thank you Vie. You are the BEST my sweet.