Friday, September 16, 2011


Daddy, I accidentally overheard the conversation between you and momma last night.  [accidentally- because it is hard not to hear when you sit inches away from the receiver as you put yourself  in momma's face sort of speak].  I feel I must say something. I need to reserve a chunk of your time for "US", you and me.  Momma the daddy hog, thinks she is entitled to call dibs on you like you were the last piece of toast. I, on the other hand, love you too much and respect you too much to treat you that way. So, I am asking for an appointment with you, at your convenience, for us to spend quality time, alone. No momma, no Wendy, no JD. Just us. At your convenience, of course.  Unlike the Wendy aka Bertha Butt, who just parks herself on you, I am simply arranging a time at your discretion so that I can avail my belly to you, because it's needs a good daddy rub. And unlike JD who thinks male bonding trumps everything,  my gesture is totally unselfish. I bet your arms are aching to hold the girl who loves you the most. Of course, we have to practice discretion. I can't be your only child in front of The Wendy and JD. And I can't be your best girl in front of that woman momma. [Green is not her color]. I would never want to complicate your life like that.
I just want to point out one tiny fact. I am younger than all of them.  I have had much less time with you than they have had. They should be noble about it and step aside, but nooooooooooooooo.

So, I will sacrifice all my needs and just wait for you and I will be content with whatever time you make available to me, so long as I get your undivided attention.because I am unselfish that way.

I love you daddy, and I am thrilled you are coming home! Daddy, can you and I get a license? I want one like the one momma keeps talking about when she says she holds "the license" on you.

xoxoxoxoxoxxo taillllllllllllllllllll waggggggggggggg


Tucker The Crestie said...

'Vie, I think you are going to get some special Daddy and 'Vie time very soon. A man would have to be made of stone to resist you!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my goodness too cute!
Benny & Lily