Thursday, September 8, 2011


My human [sorry bro, but you are a human...2 legged and all- like I said, sorry] has a birthday today. I have no idea, but way past 7 I am sure. Once they start adding digits, it sort of loses all meaning to me.

Adam. momma was all misty about your birthday. She said you were my size once. [We really need to start titrating her meds down...I smiled and nodded to her, but no way you were my size, ever! I am only telling you what she said because I thought you could use a laugh.

BTW, you and Dowi do realize that the woman talks to us about you all the time, right?

In fact, if you ever want to know what momma is thinking about you or Dowi at any given point, you should ask me or JD or Dowi. {Wait to ask JD until he is better. He is on the same drugs momma is taking and until that is over... it's like talking to a puffy cloud. I do hope they fix that boy soon! Momma won't even allow me to nip tease him...}

OMD I can't stop laughing!
Anyway, back to you. This morning, "Misty Momma, sniffle sniffle" [yes you can use the nickname] was going on and on and on about you. She told us you had gorgeous golden curls [hahahahahaha... I tell you.... titrate the meds ...or tape record this stuff for a stand up comedy routine...]and you carried little people in your pocket. [I swear she said that.... OMD, my belly hurts from laughing] little people hahahahahahaha... She said she used to carry you in a back pack. I swear she said that. She carried you, hahahahahaha.... I almost want one of those pills just to see what I could come up with... Wendy just sat there with her mouth open listening in complete shock. Then she quietly asked me if momma is now mental and if we had to go back to rescue... Poor Wendy. Always scared. I told her, momma is drugged, not crazy, or at least not crazy enough to be called mental. Yet. No, don't worry I kept the "yet" to myself. Momma also said that she was so proud of you and of the man you have become. Insert the Mistly Momma, sniffle sniffle -here-. She said that you have accomplished goals this year that most people chase for a life time.
I do believe she is as proud of you as she is of my tail.

I saved the best for last. She pulled out a picture and said that it was you.I do believe our momma is having an episode...Don't worry, I am on top of this. I will ground her into reality with a giftie in the pee pad. You are welcome.

I know that it is my job to keep her on an even tilt and you guys don't have to worry.  Happy birthday bro. Let those little people out of your pockets!!!! hahahahahahahaha

She told us you always liked snow. For realsie! She told us you had a red wagon. I wish that part was true. I love wagon rides. Boy, momma got really misty  and sniffly when she talked about watching you grow up.

What are we going to do with her? You do know she has your baby blanket, right?

Well when you come home, I think she should bake you a cake- Something that I can share. You know, healthy [she is on this diet kick.... and we are all being subjected to calorie count... fat count... blah blah blah...]

All my love, kisses, wags, licks and nosie snorts to you, love,  'vie


Two French Bulldogs said...

Happee Birthday better keep mom in check
Benny & Lily

Kolchak Puggle said...

Happy Birthday to your Adam! Don't worry too much about Mama. Milestones involving their (formerly) tiny humans often cause leaks in the Mama's tear sockets, uncontrollable reminiscing and swelling of the pride glands. The Hallucinations are just a symptom of the high joy-induce fever. Totally normal.

bichonpawz said...

HUGE Happy Birthday greetings to your bro!!! Happy Birthday ADAM!!! You share a special birthday with our mama!!! Hope the drugs are helping both your momma AND JD!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug