Saturday, May 14, 2011

The thingie!

Momma,it says negotiable!!!  I am going to get all my chewies and bone yard stuff and antlers and we are going to negotiate me one of those thingies!   I am so excited.... Up Up beep beep... whoooshhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Humming to myself I have to go gather my negotiable[s].


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rocky-dog said...

Hey, 'vie -- I made mama look for the thingie too. She says that this one is probably easier to use in the house to get at high places (your momma is NOT the only vertically challenged mama out there) than the one you found because it doesn't need the "counter balancing" -- I'm not xactly sure what counter balancing is -- I kind of thought that what we wanted to do -- you know get up on the counter and balance. But who knows. Sometimes its frustrating trying to understand 2-leggeds.

ps mama says this thingie is still more than she can afford.