Monday, May 16, 2011


It looks like momma and daddy are gone somewhere. And we are left with Adam.

Mh. Now, while we love Adam, he is like a substitute teacher on his first assignment.  You know what that means right? Let's say that Ferris rules apply. No, we are NOT trying to be unkind. We are going to make this time INTERESTING. If I have to be without my momma, someone is going to have to entertain me. Wendy keeps saying that we could have been put in some sort of doggy motel. EW!  I like the Monaco. If I can't go there without my two leggeds, I am not going anywhere.  A girl has to maintain standards.

Adam, give me momma or deal with me ON MY TERMS.

Momma gives me 24/7 belly rubs.

Momma puts bacon on all my food.

Momma carries me everywhere.

Momma lets me taste everything.

Momma spends all her time telling me I am beautiful.

Momma buys me toys every single day.

Momma lets me chase the cat, the squirrel and the gardener.

Momma takes me on rides and buys me ice cream, BIG huge cones!

Momma makes me prosciutto sandwiches with taleggio on focaccia and serves them with a dip.

Momma lets me choose what I eat for dinner.

Momma gives me pillow corners to chew on.

Momma lets me de-tissue the bathrooms.

Momma likes it when I chew the corners off of book covers.

Momma likes it when inspect the trash.

Momma loves my "presents".

Momma takes us on walkies 5 times a day.

You don't believe me?  Go ahead, ask JD.  JD gets to demand ice and treats and walkies . Don't bother asking The Wendy anything, she is shy, that's it, shy.

So, Adam, what have you got?



Marshmallow said...

You forgot about the endless supply of chewies--in a variety of flavors. Your list is like one of those lists of demands that rock stars have put in their contract. You're a rock star!

rocky-dog said...

Silvie, This is Rocky's mama -- I know you want to get what you want because your momma isn't home, but you know what? I will tattle on you to Adam or Dowi if you don't behave! Your momma and daddy are very busy and they need to know you are on your best behavior. So apologize to Adam and stop trying to get things YOU know you momma really wouldn't do. 2legged children try to do the same thing, so us Momma's have to stick together. Be a good girl now.

Rocky's mama

silvieon4 said...

to Rocky's momma. Sniff. not even a tiny bit??? Are you sure? okkkkkkkkk. Drat.

bichonpawz said...

We love all the same things you do! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Kolchak Puggle said...

So how is that working out 'Vie? Did the Adam fall for - I MEAN - accept your list of demands? The sandwiches sound extra lovely.