Thursday, May 12, 2011

is competition ever healthy?

Silvieon4: "Check this out!  I am learning ITALIAN  for nonna,   I can bark

Auguri di BUON COMPLEANNO!!!!  ha, go me go me...
I am going to be her favorite!!!!!" 

JD: "Your delusional  fluffytutide needs to get out of the way for the real effort! Check this out... now, that's impressive."

ዓባየይ ጽቡቅ  ልደት
Enehago, Zibug lidet !

  ሰናይ ምኒዮት
 Senay minyot!

JD   ወዲ 
JD Wedi

Wendy  ጓል 
Wendy Gual 

Silvieon4 " You want effort?  You are nothing but an  ኣንጨዋ anchwa

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