Sunday, May 15, 2011

HAPPY dance time!!

Let's swap ya yas, as they say in Norleans....I know of two lucky little Bichons who thanks to auntie Robin's stubborn streak [and rightfully so] are going to their forever home TOGETHER!

This bonded energetic duo have been inseparable since their first day at White Dog Cottage. We are talking B-O-N-D-E-D: sleep together, play together, run together, comfort each other, always together. Many offered to adopt one, or the other.  But when you are bonded, that kind of separation would create two very unhappy 4leggeds.  That's not the goal of Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue.

And so, with patience and screening, and interviews and vet checks and such.. low and behold, the perfect family was found. I know. This is what you call "suspense" . I am building tension for dramatic purposes.  You are wondering who are the bonded pair that is going home?

First, auntie Lisa, stop crying. You will not be forgotten. You were a great foster mom. She will always love you. Enough suspense?

Ok, I will tell you . Yuki and Leila are going home!

Now, after seeing that video, do you understand why those two HAVE to be together?

To Layla and Yuki's new family. WELCOME to our TBFR family. You must be special otherwise, you would have never been chosen. I do hope you are ready to meet all the "aunties" and "uncles" and cousins Yuki and Layla have. We are a close group and love each other to death.

We are all here to help you transition, so if you need anything... just call.

To Yuki and Layla. Manners guys. Also you need to get to know your family and siblings [yup they will have two other Bichons!] And Layla, now you have your very own momma, so do allow yourself to fall completely in love.

Yuki, listen, learn and be yourself.

Congrats all around. Doing the happy dance with my new windmill tail move!

So, that's my ya yas, whatcha got?



Kolchak Puggle said...

Oh, Mama had a little cry watching that video (lack of sleep + lady hormones = one mushy mama). Congrats on the new family Yuki & Leila. You two are adorable.

silvieon4 said...

Kol, my momma gets mushy every single time we get an adoption or we get to rescue a new dog or I do something cute... I just learned to work it for my advantage. I give a snuggle, a little underbite kiss, and a dismissive lick. Works every time...

silvieon4 said...

PS , Yuki and Leila met in rescue and became best friends. Is that not grand?