Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday tripping

We saw where daddy wanted to go. Quick vote, unanimous decision, we are NOT walking there.
We ride. [nobody wants to walk on sand and then get a bath.]

Of course the RBC can handle sand!!!! [RBC=Royal Blue Coach] It has fab tires!

It rides well on pavement like the boardwalk and on sand, and on grass, so let's go!

Did you see all the half naked two leggeds? Yea, I like the ones that look like some kind of fish.
what kind of skin is that?  And weird weird shoes. What's a diver? I know surfers, what's a diver?
Under??? Under water???? I pass. NOT my cup of tea.


We are going where? Oh all the way there?  Surfing competition? Ok... but why??? JD is excited about getting some salty licks.??? Rolling my eyes. JD is into two legged females because according to him they are great petters and apparently here at the beach they are all salty. Like pretzel sticks.  ICK.

Well, off we go to see surfers... Can we go to mall after this???
'vie who is loving the breeze!


Pat Wahler said...

Oh, I do love your stroller! Letting the two-leggers do the work sounds like a most excellent idea!

PBU sent us over to visit. Would love it if you could stop by and see us at Critter Alley!


Kolchak Puggle said...

perseducWhat a GORGEOUS beach! We looked at our own "Royal Blue Coach" today, though ours was green. Mama wants one she she can take us on the train here. Did you get fish & chips at the beach?