Friday, March 25, 2016

sorry daddy

I know it's like they don't care its your b day... or that Easter or Passover or  Mother's day... are coming...but THIS was NOT my idea!

Momma keeps saying...This too shall pass... but honestly I am not sure we will survive it.

Daddy... we will survive? Right? Momma looks like a lost soul. She walks around in circles holding her Dyson vacuuming  who knows what... It is like trying to mop the ocean with a sponge.

They took the granite... they took the sinks... and now it looks like we are getting some twisted Hildi Santo Tomas shower curtain project all over the house!

OY! they are taking the cabinets!!!!

And momma gets mad at my for doing a roll over on the floor. Not one peep out of her about the stuff that is going on... not one! Seriouly....

Sniff, and we are getting groomed today...

Daddy, happy birthday? I guess?


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Two French Bulldogs said...

BOL this to shall pass
Lily & Edward