Friday, March 4, 2016

Hoomans: watching them is so entertaining!

You have had THAT experience, right?

You know, when your hooman does a "hooman" thing that is so bizarre that it makes no real sense?

We are watching the gathering of the leaves. Stop laughing.  They take it seriously. I know, right?

But this is a whole "theng" !  They dress for it, [long sleeves, blah blah, tucked in pants, waterproof booths... bug repellent hanging things... apparently this is the protocol...] it is a whole production number. And then they rake.

Mind you when the gardeners come they bring in huge sucker uppers that suck the leaves up. This is the -in between- leaf gathering.

My hoomans are so proud of themselves when they make mounds of dead leaves. It almost makes it painful to watch when a gust of wind scatters the mound in a thousand directions. You have got to give them credit. They don't give up. Braving the wind, the yuck factor and allergies they persist.
Rake, gather, bag, rake gather bag...

Momma measures her "success" by the number of bags she fills. Those are proudly lined up by the curb on the side of our house. I suppose it is some badge of honor.

An hour or so into this routine, the woman seems to be satisfied enough to go back inside. Between us, we all know that her efforts are fleeting at best. Hahahahaha ... like leaves in the wind. I crack me up.

By the time we get back inside, and momma washes away her efforts, or as she calls it - she de contaminates, the wind has erased her clear paths and there are more leaves on the ground.

I suppose,  we will have another show tomorrow.


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Two French Bulldogs said...

They are definitely entertaining
Lily & Edward