Monday, March 14, 2016

Dearest Katie.

First read this:

Dearest Katie,

Girl! Where do I start?  How about me being your reality touchstone.  10 reality checks...

1. Ziggy is NOT the only dog in the world.

2. How about you getting some self respect and working on a different strategy. Make him want YOU.

3. You are way tooo available. Too needy, too ... too. BACK OFF!

4. Yes, Ziggy is handsome, but he is not the only handsome dog. Have you met my JD, or my Cosmo? I mean ... woooof baby!  Booties that should be immortalized in stone. Tails that rival the best plumage. Soft, white, fluffy cute, snuggly and loving.

5. And let's face it, I am just going to be blunt and say it... you are an emotional mismatch for Ziggy.

6. Katie, you have the soul of a Bichon owner. Your need level equals the Bichon human focus fulfillment need. Simply put... You are barking up the wrong breed. He sees you as a bucket of need.
Any Bichon would see you as an ideal human! Ziggy is not enough dog to comprehend a five hour snuggle.

7. For all intent and purposes... you are in an abusive relationship. Neglect is a form of abuse.
Walk away.... just walk away and cut your losses.

8. Have you considered stuffing your pockets with mortadella?  Hey, I am just trying to shift the power here... to achieve #2..... make him want you.

9. The Wendy is right. She said..."Katie has no sense of self and no relationship can be defined until she knows who she is" Woaaaa that girl is deep. Come over here, and the four of us resident Bichons will help you define who you are.

10. Maybe you should make sure Ziggy sees you involved with another dog. I am just saying... Take back the power!


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