Tuesday, March 15, 2016

No, for real, I need to be held right now!

Oh heck. Oh dear, Oh my... I am going to have a complete collapse.

What the woof?  My world is once again upside down!   Boxes, packing going on, strangers in my house. Truly hoomans, enough already!  We had just finished the 8 month hell week that you called a remodel that was supposed to take 7 weeks. What is this????


Ahh, yes I do remember. The dishwasher had that "accident". Mh. If any of us had "accidented"  like that thing did, momma would have belly banded or diapered us for life! Now it all makes sense.

Momma's "mood", daddy's eyebrows. [They wrinkle together like one long squiggle]...  floors are damaged, there is stuff growing under them. Everything has to come out. They mean everything. No really.... EVERYTHING.


They are packing everything, they are moving everything out. You can feel momma's apprehension heavy, like a wet blanket on your shoulders.

They promise 3 months.  In dog years.... almost 2 yrs!!!!!!! You know what really shocked me?  The pantry. IT IS EMPTY. I have never seen it empty.  It feels like my best friend has died.


You promise momma, everything will be ok?  What do you mean you hope so?
Hope?  No no no. I need more than that, I need for sures.

The big fridge is going???? Cosmo, can I borrow Splish?

Where are you going with my couch?????

Heyyyy hoomannnnn....


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Two French Bulldogs said...

Scream, yell, trip her
Lily & Edward