Wednesday, March 16, 2016

f/f LIFE

Hoomans.  They waste so much money and time on stupid inventions...  Egg separators???  Chia pets?   Pet rocks? All the other stuff they market in the wee hours of the morning because the caca could not withstand scrutiny of an awake mind in broad daylight... all JUNK.

I have often discussed with you the need for certain inventions. One of those has been the .yum file app that would instantly allow transfer of food.  A modern replicator if you will [yea I am a StarTrek fan, so what of it?]  Is anyone working on that? Probably not, because????

Well the other major invention that needs to be actualized right this second is the f/f life button.
That would be the FAST FORWARD life button. Of course it would be marketed with the PAUSE and the REPLAY options.  But for now focus on f/f Life. You have no idea what I am woofing about?

Think about it. Could you use a f/f life button?  I could right now.  I would speed past the packing and ensuing destruction right into the rebuild or even the finished state of my house. Just think of all the grief and aggravation it would spare my momma and daddy.  And they think I am just a fluffy cutie. I am an idea dog. My imagination is not limited by your implied conventional limitation.  I accept nothing at face value. Think about the application of a f/f life button. You could speed through surgeries, break ups, sad points of your life, etc etc and actually maximize what is good about life itself.

But no. Hoomans stay focused on making self tanner that turns people orange. [SOURcasm.] That's really useful.  Ask Trump.

Meanwhile, I am trying to keep my hoomans from total meltdown. Hopeless task.

It's like trying to hold jello between your fingers...



Two French Bulldogs said...

You tell her Vie
Lily & Edward

bichonpawz said...

BOL! You crack us up 'vie!!