Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This from Rocky, our reporter at large:

Only a patient four legged can calm the savages we call hoomans... Did you know that many law schools have a dog on loan to soothe the law students during exam week? They get to "check out" a dog like a library book for about a hour and they get to de-stress...

If you ask me, we, dogs are the most under appreciated species.

We work better, faster and more predictably than any pharma compound. Get rid of the bottles and the pills and empty the shelters. {Shelter--- that word just makes me want to scream- How is a place where dogs are killed ever come to be known as a "shelter"?????}

Every mall should have staff dogs, every hospital, airport,  stadium, etc etc. Where lots of hoomans congregate, a staff dog or two should be present. It's logical.

I have a job here with my family, but there are many competent four leggeds that would love the opportunity to earn their keep.

Think about it America. Lead by example.

Thank you Rocky for your excellent contribution.

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bichonpawz said...

We totally agree...excellent idea!