Friday, December 13, 2013

Let's go, I am ready!

I am, according to momma, a high maintenance dog. I like going out. I mean going for a ride, going shopping, getting cooed at and generally creating a traffic jam by my mere presence.

I put up with momma's schedule and shenanigans up to a point.  I mean the woman has all these habits I am just not into. She into cleaning up and doing stuff that frankly has no meaning to me. I put up with all that.
But when I see her putting on earrings, I expect to go out. No ifs,  ands or buts. [BTW  I have the cutest butt in the universe-that's the truth- ask momma! ]

So, in an attempt to speed up the getting ready to go places process, I got ready on my own.

It is cold out there, my new fur is neat and will keep you warm. I put in on by myself by tunneling inside it. I really love the smooth pink lining and the way it feels. Momma the puparazza had to take a pic. No matter, I am going out!  I am happy!

Now get yourself presentable, momma's face does not come from "a" jar, it comes from a whole drawer.
Nuff said.

Do you like going out?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha..that is TOO cuuuute!! What a little smarty pants tunneling into her coat like that!