Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sisters ha?

Well folks, that sister been messing with my MISTER! Here is the blurry evidence! The nerve.

It's all daddy's fault. He gave the Wendy a bath. [She got schmutzy or something, whatever.] The bath fluffed her out and made her smell different . Like I am ever going to say that she smelled good, or better than me... like never... Anyhow... she turned into Ms McFluffy...[for an older woman she quite fluffy....]

There is only one rule in this house. If anyone is going to flirt with JD it has to be me.

Not the Wendy.


Do you have any idea how hard I had to work to get JD back?  I mean he is a male. His resistance to a fluffy helicopter tail is ... nil. But you have to offer the helicopter tail!  And that is work. Work I did not need to engage in this early in  the day.  Thanks Wendy...

Got him back! Away from Ms McFluffy. Now I can go back to ignoring him.

And Wendy Pooh, sisters before misters.


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