Friday, December 20, 2013

Sleepy head - Momma's lap is a sleep inducer

Ok I admit it. It is hard to keep up with my hoomans. There is a lot of running around and a lot of activity.
When they finally stop and sit I take full advantage of the opportunity afforded me... I rest.

Fine, you want honesty?

Here is brutal honesty.

I jump at the opportunity to fulfill my destiny and take center stage on momma's lap.

Move over everyone else. JD, The Wendy... Daddy, get out of my way. MY momma, MY lap, My nap!

What do you mean "piggy behavior"?  She is my momma, it is my lap, and... I am sleepy. And can I point out to you that I take the lead every second of the day to be with her, to follow her, to monitor her [momma's note... she is stalker] and I pose for her and I taste stuff for her [momma's note...she leaves me no choice]. I even consult on her fashion choices, her grooming and her telephone calls. I mean every second of every day and night. So, MY Lap. Get it?  I earned it.

I try to stay awake. But as momma fluffs me out... I sort of lose my battle with awake...

There is a melting process that takes over... I "melt".

Then my mind sort of shuts off and even though, my eyes are open I am actually asleep...

And if momma sings nora misnora...[eritrean lullaby]... I am like "peace out" man...

Momma's lap is a sleep aid. It should be marketed in a bottle.

Maybe I can get the woman to snuggle me now? Do you have a sleep inducer?


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