Saturday, December 19, 2009

Watching the staff...

They all seem sooooo busy. Thank goodness I have trained the nonna to give me belly rubs on command. I am truly grateful that she responds so well to me giving her the paw.... or zampina as she calls it.

Is your house all crowded and busy?

I am keeping a watchful eye on the closet. There is a large basket full of wonderful smelling stuff.
Keeping my paws crossed. Mine???

So get this, I found out the midnight comes every night! SO why don't we get gifts every night????

Momma got some stuff from daddy already for Hanukkah. He gave her a new collar with a sparkly on it. Ohhhh yea, not collar- necklace. [Sigh... same dif, 2leggeds!] She is walking around shining it in everyone's face. She must love it or something.

Meanwhile, I have to wait for some "midnight" or something....frumpt


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