Thursday, December 31, 2009


dtdtdtdtdtdtd... this just in from auntie Robin at White Cottage:

"Rosie's Trip to the Vet

Rosie wore her new pink winter coat with the fur trimmed hood to the vet. This was a gift from her Aunt Silvie. Evidently, the furry little Silvie on 4 told Rosie about dressing up because Rosie kvetched the whole time.

According to the original vet report, Rosie weighed 4.75 lbs when she came to us. Today she weighed 7.4 lbs! She was so well behaved and everyone fell in love with her.
Dr. Johnston said that if she hadn't read the report from Greenbrier Emergency that looking at her today, she would never guess that she had ever had anything wrong with her.

Rose's fecal was negative, her heartworm test was negative, her heart and lungs sound good -- ears and eyes are good and she got a rabies shot and never made a sound.
She slept all the way home.

No picture tonight. Rosie is too busy runnning around biting other dog's tails to sit still for a photo."

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