Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If you can help please do!!!

I am a volunteer with the Suffolk, VA Humane Society…I wanted to tell you about two Jack Russell Terriers that were dropped off at the local pound by their military family:
The two Jack Russell’s are six years old. Their family is military and have always been military. Last week both the husband and wife got orders for overseas at the same time. It had never happened in the 6 years that they had the dogs. Their neighbor, who usually took care of the dogs when they were out of town, also received orders and left for TX last week. None of their relatives would take on the care of the two dogs and they can not be placed in a home with cats. The family brought all the dog’s belongings with them, including a toy accordion that they sing with. These dogs were well loved and are very loving. They are very dependent on each other as that is the only constant that they have right now.
Is there any way you could help these two dogs? Suffolk Animal Control is a kill shelter located at
124 Forest Glen Dr Suffolk, VA 23434. Hours of operation are M-F 10-5pm and Sat 10-3pm. Telephone number: 757-514-7855. These dogs are in danger of being euthanized.
Thank you,
Kaye Makarski, Volunteer
Suffolk, VA 23435
C: 757-375-3775

Their humans are fighting for your freedom and this is one sacrifice too much!!!

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