Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bellyrubs and Yayas

Thoughts of belly rubs and petters and wishes for the new year.

May the new year bring you all:

To all4leggeds:
a home filled with petters
plenty of food and treats to choose from
nice chewies and stuffies to play with
long walks with lots of sniffs
and most of all, the security of a forever home.

To all 2leggeds:
and the joy of sharing your live with a wet nosed 4legged.
Oh yea. Momma says add wealth. Chewies cost money.

OK then: WEALTH galore for all!!!!


I will be having panettone at midnight. What about you?

Do we get more gifties? Drats.

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Mommy, I'm Home said...

Happy New Years, 'vie!

rocky-dog said...

Hi Silvie, momma, john and I are all back from our vacations just in time for this new year thing. I got to spend thanksgiving and christmas with auntie laura and peter and got to go on my very own adventure! (don't tell momma, but I 'scaped from the house auntie laura and peter took me too for an after christmas visit -- they were going to disneyland and were leaving ME home! so I decided to check out the town -- met the mayor lady who made me lunch and the police guys who thought I was cute. I guess I scared auntie laura though, but everything turned out okay!) So momma has been unpacking the suitcases -- but there is nothing for me in them -- just smelly clothes. Momma says she has something special for me tomorrow when she cooks the big roast -- I think I'm getting the big bone!

So much to check out -- have to see who has been at my park while I've been gone and make sure that evil kitty is still gone.

Have a happy new year, Silvie. Talk to you more later


silvieon4 said... Rocky have you been talking to JD????

Welcome home, tell auntie Laura, we all get it!!!

Happy New Year xoxoxoxox