Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dani, really???

Dear Dani, I know you don't know me in person, but really... So the nonna and the momma got a package from you. Sniff. I saw what you sent them. Momma called it "Natale" or something, whatever. Nothing in there smelled like prosciutto. Nothing. Don't you live in the land of prosciutto???? I LOVE Prosciutto! And they have a table full of that Natale stuff that they have NO intention of sharing.

Thank God, my Secret Paw Christmas present came today, because I would have felt left out.
But, I need to point out to you that my new stuffy and my new pink jacket [LOVE BOTH and the crown emblem is soooooo meee...] have no calories. And they do not taste like prosciutto.

Really you should not have sent these people anything. They don't deserve it. Besides I have been giving nonna all the zampina she could possibly want or need, and I have been letting her rub my belly, 'cause belly rubbing lowers your blood pressure. I do my part!

Now, if you run across a big fat prosciutto, please keep me in mind. I have such a craving... and my love of prosciutto is legendary. I can sniff it from 2 miles away! I have to go wipe my drool now... Oh yes, momma and nonna are telling me to say thank you, so thank you, but ... personally if it does not say San Danieli, why bother???

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Honeygo Beasley said...

Gawd, can you get any cuter???? Love your hoodie.