Friday, November 20, 2015

the SeCURITY team

JD- yard, patio, gazebo. NOTHING gets past him and he is on a fist name basis with the tailed rats you call squirrels.  He brokered the famous co existence treaty of 2001. We ignore them, they ignore us, we both hate ducks. DONE.

Wendy- Upstairs, back of the closets and under the chairs.  She sounds the alarm if anything approaches the steps. She has barking stamina. Can go at it for days....

Cosmo....He is still in the learning phase. From a deep sleep, his eyes pop open "Is that noise something?????"

Moi.  I guard major assets. Momma is a major asset.  I am a specialist at letting her think she is getting loved while in fact I am making sure she is ok.

See? I am hard at work and she is thinking I am just into snuggle!

Cosmo, waiting for cue to join in a full bark alarm.  Momma asked him if daddy is home. Soon he will be taking over downstairs duty so I can focus on the hoomans, full time.

And you thought we were just cute fluffies!... Duh.....This is serious stuff!

What are you doing with your time?


1 comment:

Two French Bulldogs said...

It looks like you have it covered
Love & peas,
Lily & Edward