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Monday, November 30, 2015

MAX... the story of a trauma...

When Max heard that horrid word. The B word... that hated four letter word that is the nemesis of all dogs everywhere...

Don't play dumb with me.  You know THE word.  Fine. Gonna make me say it?   BATH. There are you happy? I said it.

The hoomans who have barely a sense of smell said Max "smelled". How could even say that as if they could even tell!

Max was NOT happy.... Look for yourself...

He heard it- THE B word.He decided to just hide...

[Ya know.. that magnificent tail did him in... I mean how can you even logistically hide such plummage????]

It was horrible. The hiding place failed him.... He got a ... Bath.... UGH.

 Resistance was FUTILE.... Max needs a better hiding place...

And there is a cold soggy doggy post bath.

But he did get even sort of. We call it justifiable post bath rage out. Max tossed every pillow in the apartment and even the cushions off the couch.

What?  I said it is justifiable post bath rage out.

Now you go pick everything up while Max calms himself down, hoooman.... how did that bath work out for you??? You prefer the stench of soap to the Max smell... well do you????


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