Monday, November 17, 2014


I am not speaking to you.  I am NOT wearing this rag where anyone can see me. Halloween is ovah!

Are you nuts?  Have you lost all of your senses? Is there any reality left in you?  I look like a cheap patio cushion with church lace!

You ever want to hold me again and snuggle me, you better take this thing off of me and burn it.

This thing reeks of something that The Golden girls would wear! Are you THAT old????

I am so embarrassed FOR YOU!

I feel vandalized! This is ABUSE!  Auntie Robin HELP!!!!

Why are you inflicting this bad taste on me? Are you punishing me for something????

I don't care. I will go find something you love and I swear I will make it my  personal pee pad. No wait, I will invite everyone to "express their opinion" on it!

Oh yuh. revenge.

Take it off of me or I will unleash my inner rage.

I am going to need years of therapy to get over this. Years I tell you!

Your former baby.


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