Friday, November 14, 2014

Dear Auntie Kathy, thank YOU!!!!!

This is my auntie Kathy Bockelman.

She is an artist and a soon to be a grandma. And she is pretty.

And she is one of the nicest people as evidenced by her rescue volunteering and the fact that she has been a foster momma. You do know, being a Tidewater Bichon Frise family member is an earned privilege.
They only accept the very nicest people.
And she is one of the chosen.

This below is one of my momma's fav picture of me.
I can be a bit of a clown you know.  But if you say the words going out  for a ride and you talk "coat" I am going to
tunnel into my fur and be ready to go! [before that woman thinks sweater...  I hate knits-ick]

On Tuesday, at the White Hat Lunch, auntie Kathy surprised the momma with a portrait of me!

I think you could have knocked momma over with a feather. I would have liked to have had that opportunity to see that. Splat right off her heels! Hahahahaha. Whaaaat??? I have never seen that before!.

Auntie Kathy, thank you , Really. Thank you so much. I love it, and we all know momma loves it. She has not stopped talking about it.  She has a frame coming. 

Auntie Katie you really captured my joie de vivre! You are very talented! And you know, I could not have posed any better!

Now I can be hanging upstairs and downstairs!  Auntie Darlene did my portrait a while back  as well!
Hey momma, when I hang around the house, I really hang around the house, now!!!! Ha, I crack me up!

Momma promised the Wendy that she will have a portrait next.

THANK YOU  auntie Kathy,  Momma will be calling you as soon as what's smelling up the oven is done 


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Two French Bulldogs said...

She is one talented lady
Lily & Edward