Wednesday, November 5, 2014


It feels like forever, but WE ARE finally dancing with JOY.

GRIFFIN!  You waited and waited and waited... BUT THEN!  You fell into a pot of lucky!!!!!

Giggle.  I saw you at the Bash.  I knew what you were up to. I have excellent hearing and ever better gossip radar.  Aha... there were roomers and innuendos.

First of all CONGRATS!!!!!  Second of all, if not MY family- YOURS! [I always pull that card with my momma.  I tell her that I can always show up at your house and I would have a place and a family. She used to roll her eyes at me, now she just hisses.] You have a wonderful new family and you will have unlimited love and affection and care and attention and joy and OMD, did you ever luck out!!!!

And I see you have claimed your share of the bed. You already feel AT HOME!  So cool.

I mean really, it's not as if you are with strangers! Your family is as TBFR as they come.  You have known them from day one at White Dog Cottage!

Just a couple of tips. When the daddy is home, work the daddy. De-stress him. Make him feel as if he is the ONLY two legged in the universe.

When the daddy is not home, work the momma. Love her up. Snuggle her up.

And don't forget to pay attention to the Hooman brother. Alone time with him is essential. And grandma time... pays dividends. Don't skimp on snuggling her.

Having said all that, you have SIBLINGS!. Make sure you play with them as well.

CONGRATS, you won the lottery!

'vie and family bustin out all our best moves.


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