Sunday, November 9, 2014

Black and White Sunday- SOUPer Sunday

Don't you just love it?
When your "alarm clock" is the delicious smell of soup cooking?
It feels like a million butterfly kisses in your nose.
Ok, that is crazy.
 It is more like a feeling of comfort, anticipation, familiar deliciousness to come...
You know, like everything is right with the world. 
SOUPer Sunday!!!!

OMD, fine! Pot-Au-Feu
Technically she is making Pot-Au Feu.

FANCY SOUP, OK?  Essence of meats soup? Whatever...And I like SOUPer Sunday.

I should have realized that it was going to be SOUPer Sunday when momma brined the chicken and oven browned the other bones. But I guess I was busy elsewhere. And that woman starts 10 projects at once, so it is very hard to keep track of everything "doing".

Interesting observation. I get all excited as soon as the soup starts cooking. From inception if you will. [Yup, a 10 dollar word. I had to look at that word of the day link.] Even before the skimming! Even before the rolling boil! My nose just LOVES it all.  I can smell every delicious particle.

The daddy. Oh my DD.  [Darling Daddy- I love his new nick name.  I am trying it out].  My DD has no awareness of the delicious developing soup until, after the skimming and after the celery and carrots etc are added. Is that not just crazy?  I mean if he loves the smell of celery so much why not give him boiled celery and keep the soup for those of us who appreciate it more? Two leggeds have thumbs, but in the nose department...they got ...nothing... sad.

Anyway, fall means SOUPer Sunday. Now I am hinting around that momma should make some tagliolini [fine home made noodles], maybe some baby meatballs.... I am just making suggestions here... Trying to be helpful. And momma...make sure we have some grated Parmiggiano Reggiano. You know how I feel about that.Give this fine stock a hearty Italian twist!  And who is getting the marrow?

Pardon moi, my mouth is all drippy.

What's in your stock pot???


Thank you Nola and sugar for HOSTING!

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Our nose would be in the air too
Lily & Edward